ChemPro is proud to service all areas of energy exploration, generation, and transmission. We are committed to partnering with these and other utilities to develop and implement a comprehensive vegetation management strategy.

Vegetation management programs are imperfect by nature. Even the best programs can produce unpredictable results. Because of this, it is important to PARTNER with a contractor that will stand behind their program and results.

ChemPro services for rights-of-way vegetation management include:

  • Mid-high volume broadcast applications
  • Low volume broadcast applications
  • Low volume backpack applications
  • Basal applications
  • Kudzu control
  • TGR’s (Tree Growth Regulators)


Power Generation Plants
Transmission & Distribution
Oil & Gas Exploration
Tree Growth Regulators
Pole Yards
Hand Cutting
Ant Control
Turf Regulation

We take vegetation problems out of your hands,
so you can keep your hands around your business.