Roadside Vegetation Management

ChemPro can help your company or municipality with right of way and roadside vegetation management. Having experience in many types of vegetation management programs, we know  the importance of maintaining your highways and roadways. We understand that roadside miles and turf acreage cannot be maintained at a standard price that is consistent annually. Uncontrollable factors such as: heavy precipitation, extreme temperatures, and rising fuel costs force budgets to uncomfortable levels.

With this in mind, ChemPro has vegetation management plans that are specific to roadways and acreage to contain the increasing problem of maintenance costs. Our roadside vegetation management plans will help your city or county governments reduce costs of additional mowing due to ellevation of weed over growth and turf. And, also our roadside vegetation management plans also prevent or slow the future growth of weeds and un wanted grass & turf.

Why is a roadside vegetation management program important?

Additionally, making sure you don’t have weed overgrowth around roadways is important to keeping the drivers of those roads safe. Especially, Making sure that there is plenty of sight line visibility at intersections. We want to help drivers make sure that they are free of animals or other henderences in the right of way to allow them to see clearly what is in front of them or coming toward them,

One of the treatments we use this is through a vegetation management program called Chemical Mowing. Chemical mowing, as the name describes, is the use of certain chemicals to reduce, slow, prevent , or supress the growth of grass, turf, vines, weeds, or other invasive vegetation so that the need for mechanical mowing is eliminated or reduced. Chemical Mowing is known to be effective against both fescue and bluegrass, dominant turf species, as well as give control of broad-leaf weeds and brush. Our treatment handles both post imergent and preimergent plant issues.

If you would like to learn more about ChemPro’s Utility Vegetation Management or Vegetation Management for Cities & Municipalities, or you would like information how we use roadside vegetation management to help our customers, contact us today!

Chemical mowing benefits can offer the following:

  • Reduction in mowing frequency, thus minimizing workers exposure to dangerous work conditions while saving money on fuel and labor.
  • Minimize/eliminate repair and timely maintenance of equipment. Less hours spent on equipment result in longer periods between servicing and replacing parts on machines.
  • Create an aesthetically appealing and improved turf structure on acreage and roadways by controlling brush and broadleaf weeds.
  • Complete 50-100+ miles/day to achieve maintenance in record time.
  • Deliver a safer, more obstruction free landscape.

Information on some of the products we use on roadside vegetation.

We take vegetation problems out of your hands,
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