Utility Vegetation Management

ChemPro’s Utility Vegetation Management Services are second to none. And, We are proud to service all areas of energy exploration, generation, and transmission. We are committed to partnering with these and other utilities to develop and implement a comprehensive utility vegetation management strategy.

Vegetation management programs are imperfect by nature. Even the best programs can produce unpredictable results. Because of this, it is important to PARTNER with a contractor that will stand behind their program and results.

ChemPro services Utility Vegetation Management Plans for rights-of-way vegetation management 

ChemPro Services specializes in Herbicide Services specific to the utility
sector. By their nature, utility ROWs transect natural areas, roadways, and
private property. These areas require routine maintenance to ensure safe
passage and easy access. To meet these goals, one of the most economical
maintenance practices is Herbicide Application. Applying herbicides to ROW areas can be done in numerous ways. ChemPro Services offers its services based on what is best for the customer. Some these services include:

  • Mid-high volume broadcast applications
  • Low volume broadcast applications
  • Low volume backpack applications
  • Basal applications
  • Kudzu control
  • TGR’s (Tree Growth Regulators)

Areas Chempro offers Utility Vegetation Management.

Chempro offers vegetation management to Utility Companies in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South  Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Missourri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana.

So, if you are in charge of the vegetation management program at a Utility Company, please feel free to contact us today.

For more information on our Utility Vegetation Management Services, please fee free to download our  Utility Row Services PDF

If you would like to learn more about ChemPro’s Industrial Vegetation Management or Vegetation Management for Cities & Municipalities, or you would like information how we use roadside vegetation management to help our customers, contact us today!


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We take vegetation problems for utilities and energy companies out of your hands,
so you can keep your hands around your business.